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Fo’ Real…


The media be on some B.S. sometimes.

For year’s T.O. has gotten blasted because he has a “me-first” attitude. So after a very tough loss to the N.Y. Giants on Sunday, Owens broke down in the post game interview. And the mainstream media kills him saying that it was all for show and that he wasn’t sincere.

What these idiots don’t realize is that T.O. and the rest of the Cowboys really thought they were Superbowl bound. They said it after the loss to the Patriots that they would see them again. Not only that. Owens knew that the media had been critical on his quarterback, Tony Romo, and the trip he took during the bye week to Mexico with girlfriend Jessica Simpson. Considering that Romo didn’t play that well, Owens knew that Romo was going to get blasted and unfairly blamed for the loss. Even though part of it was on Romo’s shoulders it was more than his play that cost the Cowboys the game.

Owens know’s the scrutiny that the media can put on you and how it can make you feel. However, when he takes up for a teammate this is how the media reacts. That ish ain’t cool at all.