Move Over Barry and Roger….


… it’s Hip-Hop’s turn to jump into the steroid/HGH paddywagon, I mean bandwagon.

If you haven’t heard by now, Timberland, Curtis (50 cent), Wyclef Jean, Tyler Perry (Madea)  and Mary J. Blige were all named in a year long steriod investigation that was released over the weekend.


Now Curtis has always been a pretty built dude, but I’m not against the idea that he had a lil “help,” getting that way. But from what I’ve read he’s always been pretty good about taking care of his body. However, when I heard Timberland’s name come about I didn’t doubt it one bit. Now this is America, so dispite how most citizens act, I am going to give Timbo the benefit of the doubt. But I mean in Fade to Black he was more Pillsbury Dough Boy than American Gladitor.

Mary J. and Wyclef, I really don’t see these two using steroids. Tyler Perry, that’s interesting. Well you know they say that using that stuff shrinks “a certain part of the male anatomy.” Make Tyler was trying to become Madea without going to the Doctor’s office for an operation.

Furthermore, with all the stuff going on in the world they spent a whole year on this. You telling me that they didn’t have anything better to do with tax payer dollars and super-secretive detective work than this? All this to capture some rappers. I guess the Hip-Hop police are adding more and more departments.


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